Free or Reduced Lunch Information
Four reasons why you should apply for assistance before registration:
  1. It will reduce the amount of paperwork you fill out at registration.
  2. It will help decrease the wait time in line at registration.
  3. If your application is received prior to August 1, 2017 your child's benefits will already be determined prior to your arrival at registration and on their first day of school. 
  4. Only one application for assistance per household is required to be filled out.
Items to remember when filling out application for Free and Reduced Lunches and Textbook Assistance:
  1. Please fill out only one application per household listing all students and their grade levels living in the household.  We will notify individual buildings of your child's assistance for meals and/or textbooks. 
  2. You must provide ALL GROSS income information for your household.  Applications that state "No Income or Zero Income" can only be approved as a temporarily you will be contacted to provide proof of income to continue your child's benefits.
  3. Households receiving Food Stamps or TANF need to supply us with their TANF Case Number.  Your TANF number is a 10-digit number beginning with 1-0 and can be found on any correspondence you have received from Child and Family Services.  This IS NOT your EBT or Hoosier Healthwise number.
  4. Please make sure you provide us with a complete application.
  5. If you need assistance with BOTH SCHOOL MEALS and TEXTBOOKS please remember to provide all the required information (grade level, indicate living in household, GROSS household income) and SIGNATURES in both STEP 4 (located on bottom front) and STEP 5 (located on reverse side top) of the application.
Please review the Parent/Guardian instruction letter for more detailed instructions on how to apply for free or reduced meals and other benefits.
Should you have any questions, you may contact Lisa Hall at the Wa-Nee Administration Office, 1300 N Main St, Nappanee, IN 46550 or call 574-773-3131.
Return signed and completed application for assistance to:
Wa-Nee Community Schools
Attn: Lisa J. Hall 
Administration Office
1300 N Main St
Nappanee, IN 46550 
You may also email the signed and completed application to or fax to 574-773-5593.
1300 North Main Street • Nappanee, IN 46550 Phone (574) 773-3131 • Fax (574) 773-5593
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