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Academic Teams Going to State Finals

Five out of Six NorthWood High School Super Bowl Teams Qualify for State Competition at Purdue University


Written by Karen Renner, NorthWood High School Academic Team Coordinator


Academic Super Bowl teams from across Indiana participated in the 31st Annual Area Competition at 22 sites on April 18.  4,980 students from 275 schools were a part of the event.  Statewide results are now available for all rounds.   Teams in the following areas:  English, Fine Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Interdisciplinary.  The schools are divided into four divisions based on school enrollment.  NorthWood High School competed in Division Two, which consisted of 49 schools this year.  After the competition, the scores of each individual team in each discipline is ranked against the scores from all schools participating, and the top five scores in Division Two qualified for the State Meet.


NorthWood High School fielded teams in all six categories at the AREA Meet at Northridge High School, and after computing scores for the other forty-nine schools who competed in Division 2, five of the six NWHS teams—Math, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Interdisciplinary—qualified for the State Finals on May 6, at Purdue University.  NorthWood High School is the only school in the State to qualify five teams for the State Finals.


Names for pictures:  (left to right) Pictures located on main page


The Fine Arts TeamRow 1:  Kate Vorhis, Corbin Knight--Captain; Row 2: Ashley Cuacuamoxtla, Hannah Krok, Victor Castillo.  (Not pictured:  Melinda Sharp—Coach)


The Social Studies Team:   Row 1:   Courtney Eby, Hannah Balasa, Corbin Knight, Natalie Kranenburg--Coach; Row 2:  Isaiah Schmitt, Benedict Yoder, Jacob Schmitt.


The Science Team:  Row 1:   Emerson Mast, Marcus Mann, Jacob Dougherty, Alex Wiseman, Sarah Eberle, Jennifer Martinez, Kate Vorhis, Amy Ha, Kylee Gall, Makenna Gall; Row 2:  Mason Kiel, Ethan Ramer, Zachary Yoder, Lee Dougherty, Jordan Jones,  Cameron Hershberger, Arron Smith, Stephani Neff--Coach.


The Math Team:  Row 1:  Natalie Gerber, Madison Haynes, Mae Metzger, Doug Gerber—Coach; Row 2:  Mason Kiel, Jordan Jones, Cameron Hershberger, Lee Dougherty, Zoe Roberts, Arron Smith, Mike Furfaro—Assistant Coach


The Interdisciplinary Team:  Victor Castillo, Lee Dougherty, Arron Smith, Stonewall Craft.  This team is comprised of members of the other five disciplines and is coached by Natalie Kranenburg.