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February is the month we honor US Presidents, our national heroes. With that in mind Wa-Nee would like to honor our “every day” local school heroes! We recognize that it takes many heroes to make Wa-Nee a great place to live and learn.   Please help us recognize and thank the following Wa-Nee heroes:
  • Bus drivers who safely transport our children a total of 2,500 miles each and every day.
  • Food service workers who serve approximately 2518 meals with a smile, every day.
  • Maintenance workers who keep our facilities warm, clean and safe every day.
  • Nurses who mend cuts, bruises and promote healthy living for our students every day.
  • Classroom assistants who work with students to help them achieve their best every day.
  • Secretaries and office staff who keep our schools running smoothly and efficiently every day.
  • Athletic coaches who lead students in sportsmanship, skill development and a winning work ethic every day.
  • School counselors who provide caring guidance and support for our students, parents and staff every day.
  • Teachers and all professional instructional staff (media, technology, special education personnel) who consistently provide outstanding learning environments, deliver high quality instruction and instill a quest for excellence and successful learning for every student every day.
  • Academic coaches who provide excellent leadership, resources, training and ideas every day.
  • Principals and administrators who lead with purpose, passion and a “children-first” philosophy every day.
None of these every day heroes could do their jobs successfully without the committed support of the School Board and the ongoing support of the Wa-Nee community. Thank you all.
-Joe Sabo, Superintendent of Schools 
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Cold Weather Information
In preparation for winter weather, the cold weather information page... 

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