All parents, students, staff, and community members are reminded to visit to sign up or change preferences on how school notifications are received. All weather related delays and cancellations, as well as important school information, will be sent through the following systems:


“REGROUP” Mass Notification Alert System


New for the 2016 -2017 school year Wa-Nee Community Schools announces we will also be utilizing the “REGROUP” Mass Notification Alert System to broadcast information regarding emergencies, delays, closings, cancellations and more via email, text or voice messaging.


To register for or login into REGROUP simply go to to manage your account, log in, or adjust your account settings.  However, you may not opt out of the email notification.


We Are Closed Today


Wa-Nee Community Schools will continue to use the We Are Closed Today online notification system to notify area radio and television stations as well as community members of weather related school announcements. You are encouraged to register with We Are Closed Today to receive email and/or text message notifications of any Wa-Nee Community Schools delay, closing, or early dismissal due to weather conditions.


In addition to specific notifications, anyone may go to, enter their zip code, and choose a radius, to see all the delays or closings within that area.


For more information, visit the We Are Closed Today website at


Our Schools website


In the event that there is a delay or closure, there will also be a bright red message scrolling at the top of our webpage


In the event that the weather conditions become hazardous during the school day and school officials deem it necessary to close the schools early, please work out a plan with your child so he/she knows what to do under these conditions.


Any announcements will be made as early as possible. If you do not hear an announcement, then you can expect school to begin at the regular time. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OFFICE TO VERIFY CLOSING INFORMATION. 

Please know that decisions regarding weather related delays and closing are made with our student’s safety as a priority.  As a parent, you may choose to keep your child home if you feel weather conditions are such that your child’s safety is at risk.  We ask that you remember to please follow the guidelines for reporting an excused absence for your child when choosing this option.

In addition to the We Are Closed Today website, the following media sources will broadcast school delays and closings:

  •     Channel 16
  •     Channel 22
  •     960     AM
  •     1190   AM
  •     1480   AM
  •     94.3    FM
  •     101.5  FM
  •     103.5  FM
  •     104.7  FM
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