For Students and Parents

For Students and Parents

Providing a Safe and Secure Learning Environment

For Parents and Guardians: 
 School safety is everyone's job!

As a parent, you may have asked, "What happens if there is an emergency at my child's school?" 

Wa-Nee is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment and plans are in place to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from school emergencies. 

Your role as a parent or guardian is important. 

First, teach your children to respect authority and respect others. Being kind to one another is a foundation of school safety. 

Second, be familiar with the Standard Response Protocol. The five icons found below help communicate the emergency and direct the response. It is especially important for you, as a parent, to know the difference between Secure and a Lockdown

  • Secure is a precaution that something MIGHT be harmful OUTSIDE the school and we are taking extra precautions. Please do NOT rush to the school. The school day will go on as usual but, it may be possible that no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building during a Secure. 

  • LockDOWN is more serious and MAY indicate an immediate threat to staff and student’s safety INSIDE the building. Be very cautious when texting or calling students on their cell phones. It is imperative that students in the building remain quiet during a LockDOWN. 

As soon as possible after some emergency situations, a message will be sent from the Wa-Nee Administration Office explaining the situation and giving direction to parents and/or guardians. Therefore, it is critical that you keep your email and phone numbers up-to-date with the school building via your Skyward Account

Third, and very important - if we have an incident that requires us to evacuate to another building or take extra caution when releasing students, it will be our priority to make sure all students are released to only eligible adults. View the Reunification Plan and be prepared to follow instructions sent by text, email, or voice alert during an emergency.

Students will only be released to emergency contacts listed in your Skyward account. Adults listed as emergency contacts will be eligible if:
· a reunification card is completed and submitted to designated school employees during the reunification process;  and,
· the eligible adult provides identification to school personnel. 

Thank you for your assistance as we work toward emergency prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.   Please visit: or for more information. 

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Parent Student Standard Response Protocol Handout (English)
Parent Student Standard Response Protocol Handout (Spanish)
Reunification for Parents


Dress to Reflect

Remember, dark mornings are dangerous. When choosing jackets, backpacks, shoes, etc., choose a reflective material or purchase reflective strips to add to current clothing.
Help keep your child visible and safe! 

Family Emergency Plan

  • Have a Family Emergency Plan! 
  • Who will pick up your child from school if you can't? 
  • Is that person listed as an emergency contact for your child in Skyward? 
  • Do you keep your email and phone number up-to-date in your child's Skyward account? 
  • Do you have an evacuation plan, shelter plan, and/or a communication plan? 
Visit for more information.  
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