Internet AUP

Internet AUP

Internet AUP

The Internet contains a wealth of knowledge that both staff and students can tap into to enhance the learning process. This availability of knowledge has dramatically enhanced the teacher's ability to teach and the student's ability to learn. It is inevitable that the educational curriculum provided at Wa-Nee will include the use of technology and the Internet. Therefore, it is important that both staff and students have access to this rich resource of information.

The Internet offers an unlimited wealth of data most of which is good. However, the Internet also opens the availability to access material not considered appropriate or educational in nature. This is why Wa-Nee maintains an Internet content filter appliance that is configured to strictly enforce the AUP. The Internet filter makes every attempt to deny access to unauthorized and inappropriate material. Internet activity is monitored at all times. Reports are generated and reviewed to ensure use of the Internet falls within policy guidelines.

AUP Agreement & Acceptance

The Wa-Nee Internet AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) is designed to set the expectations for appropriate use of the Internet and to hold both staff and students accountable for the inappropriate use of the Internet.

In previous years, Wa-Nee has required that each student have a signed AUP on file prior to being allowed use of the Internet. Wa-Nee has eliminated the signature based AUP and will instead enforce a policy that requires both staff and students accept the terms and conditions of the AUP before they are allowed access to a computer. If they do not agree with the terms and conditions set forth in the AUP then use of the computer is not authorized by Wa-Nee. This effectively eliminates the need to track who has signed an AUP agreement but retains accountability for inappropriate use.

Everyone that will use a computer at Wa-Nee can and will be held accountable to the terms and conditions set forth in the Wa-Nee Internet AUP by default.


If you are a concerned parent and would prefer that your student not have access to the Internet then you should contact the school and notify them immediately of your concern.

It is important to understand how tightly integrated technology and use of the Internet has become to the core curriculum. The reality is that by denying a student the right to participate in Internet activities and other technology based activities, you would be limiting their ability to learn at the same pace as other students in class.

As Wa-Nee continues to take advantage of the dynamic, interactive nature of learning that technology and the Internet offers, it will become even more important that your child has the ability to participate.

With that said, we do respect your concerns and will ensure your child does not participate in any technology or Internet based activity upon request.
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