School Bus Drivers

School Bus Drivers

Become a School Bus Driver!!!

Why would anyone want to drive a school bus? 
Lots of people ask us this question and the answer is easy:

  1. Bus drivers make a difference! Children need quality adults greeting them for their ride to and from school.
    FYI: We have awesome students here at Wa-Nee!! 
  2. Bus drivers contribute to the community and stay involved. 
  3. Substitute bus drivers make their own availability schedule. 
  4. Wa-Nee drivers receive great pay. 
  5. All training is free.  
  6. The transportation staff is team-oriented, professional, and fun. 
  7. Wa-Nee Administrators support and honor bus drivers. 
  8. Wa-Nee vehicles are safe and high quality. 
  9. Substitute bus drivers have the opportunity to take full-time routes with benefits: insurance, paid days off, and more. 
How to get started: 
1.) Complete an application. Apply Here
2.) Make an appointment with Amy Rosa for a step-by-step plan. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Amy Rosa
Wa-Nee Community Schools
Transportation Director
[email protected]

Driving and More...

Driving and More...

As professional school bus drivers take the seat behind the wheel of one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road, they assume great responsibility and many roles. They are unsung heroes. Rarely are they thanked or acknowledged for their consistent commitment to the safety and wellbeing of students.


The environment of the school bus demands a driver to possess many skills. Driving is always their first priority but they must often take on additional roles such as nurse, teacher, law enforcer, mechanic or janitor. They investigate, counsel, mediate, protect and peace make. They troubleshoot, tie shoes, zip coats, find hats, close bags and protect cherished school projects. At athletic, band, choir, and academic events they are cheerleaders, always providing a “good job” for their passengers, win or lose.


They learn and follow national, state, and local laws and rules. Only they can get behind the wheel of their yellow bus because only they are licensed to do so.


Are they drivers? Oh yes, Wa-Nee drivers drive over 475,000 miles per school year. They maneuver their 15 ton vehicle around bikes, buggies, construction, downed tree limbs, distracted drivers, and law breakers. Weather and road conditions challenge their path as ice, snow, fog, rain, dark, sunshine, wind, and floods complicate their route.


School bus drivers, while remaining focused on road, are also striving to supervise what happens inside the bus as they transport up to 78 students who sit up to 40 feet behind them.


Truly, those who assume this great responsibility should be acknowledged. As the director of transportation for Wa-Nee Schools, it is my privilege to work for a group of professional, caring, and dedicated bus drivers. Thank you will never be enough for the safe transportation service they provide for our community. Take time today to thank a school bus driver! 

Join the Team!


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