Parents and Students

Parents and Students

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

You have chosen the safest, most efficient, and most environmentally friendly way to transport your student to and from school. Click on the link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to learn about school bus safety.
We strive to provide a bus service that will enhance your student’s educational day. 

Student/ Parent Transportation Handbook

For detailed information regarding school transportation at Wa-Nee download the Parent/Student Handbook. 

Scheduling Transportation Guidelines

  • Consistency is SAFETY!  
  • Choose one location in the morning and one location in the afteroon and stick to the plan. 
  • Avoid changes. Any changes during the school year must be submitted at least one school day prior to taking effect.
  • If you have a sudden, same-day change, make plans to pick-up your child from school or from their scheduled bus stop.


Please keep in mind, we provide a bus service not a door-to-door taxi service. Bus stops are located, bus stop times are published and students are expected to wait for the bus at their designated bus stop. Students wait on buses, buses don't wait on students. 
Bus stop safety rules must be followed.  See: School Bus Stop Safety Tips for Students and Parents document above. 
Students are expected to be out at their designated bus stop waiting on the bus. Students are expected to be at designated pick-up points ten (10) minutes prior to the published stop time. Bus times may vary, allow ten (10) minutes after the published bus stop time before leaving the designated pick-up point or calling the transportation office.
Service to other students is delayed if buses have to wait on students. Therefore, drivers are instructed not to wait for students who are not at the bus stop on time. 

Extracurricular Shuttles

Register your transportation plans here!

If you cannot complete the online form, complete this form and send it to the transportation office.


Q: Can I call the office to change my student from a bus rider to a parent pick-up or walker?

A: Yes, any parent who chooses to pick-up or have their student walk must call the school by noon.  Allow enough time for the office to locate the student to relay the message. The office reserves the right to verify the identity of the caller. However, if the student boards the bus, the parent must go to the designated stop to get the student. 

Q: Do I need to notify the transportation office or driver if my child is not riding the bus?

A: No, if your child is not out for the bus at the designated stop and time, the driver will not stop. If your child does not ride the bus in the afternoon the driver will not make that stop.

Q: Can I make a one or two day change to my child’s bus schedule?

A: For safety reasons, it is best to keep student's schedules consistent. Perhaps you should plan to have your child picked-up from their regular route stop. 

Q: Can I sign up for a bus if my child won’t ride the bus every day?

A: Yes, you can reserve a seat for your student on a bus if they will generally ride the bus. If they will only ride the bus few times a year, wait to schedule that transportation when a ride is needed.

Q: Why have these changes been implemented?

1.) For the safety of all students.

2.) To avoid multiple phone calls and notes to the school office and teachers during the school day and at the last minute.

3.) To prevent students from experiencing the stress of not knowing their schedule and riding the wrong bus. These events are also stressful for parents.

4.) To provided consistency and efficiency in school bus routes which reduces costs and allows Wa-Nee Transportation to continue to provide extracurricular travel at no cost to the students.

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