Transportation Request Form

Transportation Request Form

New On-line Transportation Request Form

Please slow down and read each question carefully. Because this form is designed for many different scenarios, some questions may not apply but, all questions should be considered. Call the transportation office if you have questions. 
574-773-3132 or email [email protected]

*Which school will this student attend?
Choose a school year.
Student's grade.
*Is this student new to Wa-Nee?
*Student's First Name
*Student's Middle Initial
*Student's Last Name
Student's Date of Birth (for security reasons)
*What date would you like this new or changing transportation to begin?
*Physical HOME Address (not a po box)
*Zip Code
*MORNING TRANSPORTATION: For safety reasons, choose ONE a.m. location.
Morning school bus service is needed from a bus stop associated with: (list an address within your school boundary).
MORNING BUS TRANSPORTATION: Check weekdays the student will ride the bus TO school from the above address.

*AFTERNOON SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION: For safety reasons, choose ONE p.m. location.
*AFTERNOON SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION NEEDED to the bus stop associated with: (list address within the school boundary).
AFTERNOON BUS TRANSPORTATION: Check weekdays the student will ride the bus FROM school to the above address.

Choose the afternoon days of the week this student will be transported by a parent, guardian, or other.

Choose the afternoon days of the week this student will walk or bike from school.

Acknowledgement: I/We have read and understand the Student/Parent Transportation Handbook and have discussed it with my child. I/We understand that riding a school bus to and from school, extracurricular trips, and learning trips is a privilege. Failure to follow all safety rules or behavior expectations may result in the loss of riding which would include: to and from school routes, extracurricular trips, and learning trips. If riding privileges are revoked it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation and ensure my child is in attendance at school during the period of time in which the riding privileges have been revoked. The supervision, safety and travel to and from the school bus stop is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Buses cannot wait on students and I will ensure my child follows all bus stop and bus riding safety procedures while waiting for, boarding, riding, and exiting the bus.
*Inconsistent schedule agreement: If a varied or unknown schedule is approved, I understand that unknown schedules or varied schedules are a safety risk and may cause confusion for the student. I understand it is the parent/guardian's and student's responsibility to know their individual schedule.
*Email address
*Name of this person completing this form.
*Contact phone number:
To validate this form add the numbers below and type the answer in the box provided below. HIT SUBMIT, do not hit enter on your keyboard.

To validate your submission, please answer the following math problem:

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2024-2025 Deadlines and Scheduling Rules: 


SCHOOL YEAR CHANGES: (Only permanent changes are allowed. No temporary changes are permitted.)
  1. Allow up to two days for schedule changes to begin.

  2. Submit all changes in writing via a transportation request form.

  3. Each student will be allowed a single, consistent pick-up location in the morning all five days of the week, all school year, and a single, consistent drop-off location all five days of the week, all school year.   

    • No “same day” changes. 

    • No telephone changes.

    • No group transportation for parties or events.

At School Parent/Guardian pick-up: 

If a parent/guardian calls the school to have their child removed from the bus line to be placed in the car rider line, the school must be notified before noon. Otherwise, please make plans to have your child picked up from their regular bus stop.

Our goal is to provide efficient and safe school bus transportation. Keeping students safe requires rules and procedures to be in place. 

Please familiarize yourself with all bus safety rules.  

Have a safe school year,

Amy Rosa, Director of Transportation

Welcome to the online transportation form for all Wa-Nee Transportation plans and changes. Use this form for any change. 

For safety reason, you must schedule a consistent schedule by choosing ONE location in the morning, all five days of the week and ONE location in the afteroon, all five days of the week.

Therefore, if your personal schedule changes, rather than changing transportaion for one or two days, plan to go to the orginal site to drop-off or pick-up your child. 
To keep buses on schedule, students must be waiting on the bus for pick-up. The driver should not wait for students.  Plan to be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled bus stop time. Wait 10 minutes after the scheduled stop time before calling the school. Keep in mind, routes may be delayed by trains, traffic, and/or student issues. 
Be sure to read over the  for the rules and procedures of school bus transportation. 
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